2023 Spray Patching Contracted Services; MP 23-22

  1. Project Information
  2. Background

June 23, 2023

On June 13, 2023, the Ramsey City Council rejected bids for Maintenance Project #23-16, which proposed to hire a contractor to patch deep potholes by hand and to spray patch shallower potholes. The City Council then directed Staff to break the work proposed under this single project into two separate projects with one project proposing to complete all deep pothole patching as identified for approximately 19 miles of City streets and the other project proposing to spray patch shallow potholes as identified for approximately 20 miles of City streets. 

Staff immediately advertised bids for these two new projects, which are designated as Maintenance Project #23-21, 2023 Deep Pothole Patching Contracted Services, and Maintenance Project #23-22, 2023 Spray Patching Contracted Services. Advertisements for bids were published in the Anoka County Union Herald for both projects on June 17 and June 23.

Bids for both projects are scheduled to be opened on Friday, July 7, and to be presented to the City Council on Tuesday, July 11, for consideration of awarding construction contracts.  If approved, work is anticipated to begin on or near July 24.

View the project plan sheet identifying streets proposed to receive spray patching with this project.