Outdoor Warning Sirens

Ramsey is Looking for Siren Watchers

The Ramsey Fire Department and the City have a volunteer watcher program to ensure the 17 outdoor warning sirens work correctly in emergencies. Ideally, each site would have one or more volunteer siren watchers. Although many sirens already have observers, four locations desperately need volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, you must commit five minutes on the first Wednesday of each month to watch and listen to your siren to ensure its functionality. Plus, another five minutes of your time to send a message about your observations to the oversight lead at the Ramsey Fire Department.

Having more than one person observing a siren would be fantastic. So, feel free to volunteer for the siren closest to you. More than one observer is helpful if a situation arises and another misses a test day.

What to watch when observing a siren:

  • Does the siren make noise (first 60 seconds solid sound)?
  • Does the siren rotate for the first sound if designed to do so?
  • Does the siren have a variable noise (the second 60 seconds is a high/low sound)?
  • Does the siren rotate for the second sound if designed to do so?

Sirens are located at the following sites:

  1. 175th Lane NW/Xerus Street NW
  2. Nutria Street NW/Rabbit Street NW*
  3. 173rd Avenue NW/Variolite Street NW
  4. 6501 Green Valley Road NW
  5. 17201 St. Francis Boulevard NW*
  6. 5300 Block 179th Lane NW*
  7. 160 Lane NW/Andrie Street NW
  8. 161st Avenue NW/Armstrong Boulevard NW*
  9. 16600 Block Nowthen Boulevard NW
  10. 5720 164th Avenue NW
  11. Puma Street NW/Bunker Lake Boulevard NW
  12. 152nd Lane NW/Ramsey Boulevard NW
  13. Alpine Drive NW/Sunfish Lake Boulevard NW
  14. 5200 Block 155 Lane NW
  15. 7800 Block Highway 10
  16. 6400 Block Bunker Lake Boulevard NW
  17. 14501 Nowthen Boulevard NW

*Indicates the location that needs a volunteer.

The Ramsey Fire Department and the City of Ramsey want to thank the volunteers already observing sirens and reporting their working conditions, ensuring the safety of our residents or visitors to our City.

Please contact the Fire Captain of Administration, Jason Sufka, at jsufka@cityoframsey.com to volunteer or for more information on the program.