161st Avenue (Armstrong to Variolite) IP 23-01

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  2. Project Update
  3. Background

September 13, 2023

To date the Contractor has completed all major construction items, and this project is now considered substantially complete. In the coming weeks City Staff will be working with the Contractor to create a punch list of minor items that may need to be addressed. Once turf has been established in disturbed boulevard areas, the remaining erosion control will be pulled.

August 31, 2023

During the week of August 28, the Contractor paved the southern Central Park parking lot, bituminous trail, and the final lift of bituminous along 161st Avenue. Most of the black dirt has been placed in the disturbed boulevard areas, but additional work is still needed.

The Contractor still needs to place the remaining concrete pedestrian ramps at the trail crossing locations, though this still has not been scheduled. The ramp locations will be closed until the concrete cures, which takes 5 – 7 days. The remaining work includes final restoration of the boulevard areas, including final grading and spraying seed and hydro-mulch. Additionally, the pavement markings will be placed. After restoration is complete, City crews will re-place the street signs along the corridor.

August 10, 2023

On August 14-17, the Contractor is proposing to complete the remaining concrete work on the project. This includes a concrete valley gutter across 161st Avenue at Variolite Street. The closure is necessary to allow the newly poured concrete time to cure and gain strength before being opened to traffic. Residents will be able to use Armstrong Boulevard to access 161st Avenue. 

Also, during August 14-17, additional concrete work on the project includes pouring the second Central Park entrance and PACT entrance. As well as the new ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps as part of the new trail along the north side of 161st Avenue. 

On August 9, the Contractor placed the first lift of bituminous along 161st Avenue. The road will remain closed to through traffic. Construction activities are still ongoing. For the remainder of this week, the Contractor will work on grading the southern Central Park Parking Lot.

July 18, 2023

The Contractor will be performing the following: 

  • Spreading the gravel between the road section between Armstrong Boulevard and Variolite Street. This is anticipated to occur by July 21. 
  • Installation of new concrete curb and gutter and concrete driveways between Armstrong Boulevard and Variolite Street. This is currently scheduled to happen on July 24 and 25. Please note that concrete needs up to 7 days to gain strength before it can be driven across.
  • Grade, shape, and compaction of aggregate base. This can occur after the concrete has been placed and sufficiently cured to work next to it. 
  • Installation of the first lift of bituminous pavement. This project includes two lifts of bituminous pavement. After the first lift, the contractor will place the topsoil and restore the turf. It’s anticipated for the first lift to occur by mid-August.

Access to Properties

During construction, access to driveways and streets may be partially or fully restricted during regular working hours. Access to driveways may be restricted for up to seven days, where concrete curb and gutter are installed, and concrete driveway aprons are removed and replaced. This will allow the new concrete section adequate time to cure. During these times, walk-on access will be maintained to all properties by the end of each work day. If you have special access needs during construction, please contact us as soon as possible so we can work to accommodate your needs.

A letter was mailed to the residents who are impacted by this project. It can be viewed here.

June 30, 2023

The Contractor has installed the sanitary sewer from Variolite Street west past Xenolith Street. The storm sewer for the eastern pond at 161st Avenue and Xenolith Street intersection has also been installed.

CenterPoint has installed approximately 800 feet of the new 4-inch gas line along the south side of 161st Avenue, across from Central Park. This gas line was required to avoid conflict with the new storm sewer installed in the reconstruction project.

Beginning July 5, the Contractor will install the new storm sewer pipe from the western pond, across from Central Park, up to 161st Avenue. The remaining storm sewer improvements along 161st Avenue will occur in Late July. Additionally, the Contractor proposed to complete the sanitary sewer and watermain installation on July 8.

During the week of July 10, the Contractor will start placing the aggregate base, generally beginning at Variolite Street and working towards Armstrong Boulevard. 161st Avenue at Variolite Street will remain closed until the aggregate base is installed.

June 16, 2023

During the week of June 12, the Contractor focused on project grading. The mass grading for the western pond is complete, and final restoration, including seeding, will occur soon. Mass grading on the eastern pond is primarily done. The contractor is using material from the east pond to assist with grading the new trail on the north side of 161st Avenue between Variolite Street and Armstrong Boulevard. The trail grading has also started and is anticipated to be completed next week.

During the week of June 19, the Contractor will begin installing utilities, starting with sanitary sewer. This will require 161st Avenue to be entirely closed for traffic between Variolite Street and Xenolith Street. Access to 161st Avenue during utility installation will be from Armstrong Boulevard. The Contractor will remove the reclamation material between Variolite Street and Xenolith. This material will be stockpiled at the Central Park southern parking lot. The sanitary sewer connection will be made first at Variolite Street and constructed to the west. The connection is approximately 18 feet deep and requires the entire width of 161st Avenue to excavate safely.

June 10, 2023

During the week of June 5, the Contractor began excavating the western stormwater pond and hauling the excess material.

During the week of June 12, the Contractor will complete the excavation of the western stormwater pond and begin the excavation of the eastern stormwater pond. Restoration of the ponds with topsoil, seed, and blanket will occur within the next couple of weeks after fine grading is complete. The Contractor is currently proposing to begin utility installation during the week of June 19.

May 26, 2023

The Contractor has installed pre-construction erosion control and tree protection fencing and has performed tree removals. The Contractor has provided the City with an updated project schedule and currently proposes to perform pavement reclamation and project removals during the week of June 5.

May 12, 2023

During the week of May 8, the Contractor will begin work on the site. This included placing initial erosion control silt fence and tree protection fencing. The erosion control will be maintained throughout the project and modified as construction requires.

The Contractor had initially planned to reclaim the pavement and begin utility installation within the project's first two weeks. However, a delay in the concrete structures has pushed those activities back. Reclamation is now proposed for the week of May 22, and utility installation will occur after the Memorial Day holiday.

During the week of May 15, the Contractor is proposing to perform tree removals. The trees proposed to be removed are all located with City-owned right of way and easements and are marked with blue flagging tape.