Riverdale Drive Reconstruction IP 21-00 - Feldspar to Tungsten Street

Updated January 27, 2021

City Improvement Project #21-00 proposes to reconstruct approximately 2,925 lineal feet (0.55 miles) of Riverdale Drive in 2021 from Feldspar Street to approximately 200 feet west of Sunfish Lake Boulevard where the new grade-separated interchange for Sunfish Lake Boulevard at Highway 10 is proposed to tie in. Riverdale Drive east of this point is proposed to be reconstructed in 2024 as part of the new interchange project. The City will continue to patch this segment of Riverdale Drive until it is reconstructed with the new interchange. Property owners will not be assessed for any of the costs for these improvements.

On November 24, 2020, the Ramsey City Council accepted a proposal from Bolton & Menk, Inc. to provide design services for this project including collecting topographic survey data, completing geotechnical evaluations, preparing plans and specifications complying with Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) State Aid standards, providing required submittals to State Aid, and bidding services. Riverdale Drive is part of the City’s Municipal State Aid (MSA) system and is therefore required to meet 10-ton pavement design strength standards, as well as other applicable MnDOT State Aid standards.

Municipal utilities (water supply and sanitary sewer) exist in the project area. Sanitary sewer improvements are not proposed with this project as the sanitary sewer lines were cleaned and televised and the results verified that repairs are not immediately needed or anticipated to be needed during the 60-year design life of the improvements. Water supply improvements are also not proposed, except that water service lines extending from the trunk line to each property are proposed to be inspected at the right of way to confirm that each service line is properly tied back to the trunk line. This work will help ensure that service line repairs will not be needed during the design life of the improvements, and is being proposed as repairs to several water service lines were made recently along this segment of Riverdale Drive. The water supply system was recently tested for leaks and the results indicate that repairs are not immediately needed or anticipated to be needed during the design life of the improvements.

Storm sewer improvements are proposed with this project. This includes adding trunk storm sewer under Riverdale Drive to better convey stormwater runoff from the Dolomite Street intersection area to the Mississippi River, as well as adding a pollution control structure to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff before it is discharged to the river.

Riverdale Drive is currently 44-feet wide from face-of-curb to face-of-curb, but is proposed to be reduced by 10-feet throughout the corridor to a width of 34-feet from face-of-curb to face-of-curb. To accomplish this, two existing 6-foot wide on-street bike lanes on the west end of Riverdale Drive are proposed to be removed, along with the on-street parking lane along the north side. An 8-foot wide on-street parking lane is proposed along the south side of Riverdale Drive to accommodate over-flow parking for adjacent properties, and could accommodate parking for trail users and the proposed Mississippi River overlook, east of Dolomite Street. Drive lanes are proposed to be 12-feet wide, with an additional 2-feet provided along the curb on the north side to better accommodate truck traffic and to mitigate loss of usable pavement in the winter due to snow and ice accumulations.

A 10-foot wide off-street bituminous trail exists north of Riverdale Drive and west of Sunfish Lake Boulevard. This trail terminates approximately 300 feet east of Dolomite Street, where it connects to Riverdale Drive. This trail is proposed to be extended to Feldspar Street to allow pedestrians and bicyclists to use the off-street trail, which will be separated from Riverdale Drive by a boulevard between 6 and 8-feet wide that will better accommodate snow storage and reduce drifting of snow along the corridor, compared to the existing 0 to 2-foot wide boulevard.


Removing the segment of Dolomite Street between Riverdale Drive and Highway 10 was considered with this project as this work is identified in the Highway 10 Access Planning Study, and was carried forward in the Ramsey Gateway Plan. However, removing this segment of Dolomite Street would cause significant delays in delivering this project so this work is not proposed as part of this project but can be completed when needed.

A 6-foot wide concrete sidewalk was contemplated along the south side of Riverdale Drive between Dolomite Street and Feldspar Street to enhance pedestrian access to Riverdale Park for pedestrians with origins or destinations south of Riverdale Drive. However, these improvements are estimated to cost $110,000 which far outweigh the benefits so the sidewalk is not proposed to be constructed as part of this project.

Also contemplated was construction of the Mississippi River observation deck and trail connection included in the 2021 - 2030 CIP. However, constructing the overlook with this project would not reduce costs so the observation deck and connecting trail are instead proposed to be constructed at the time the private property is developed to ensure the design compliments the development proposal, and to provide the necessary easements. 


Access to abutting properties will be maintained throughout construction as best as practical. Staff will work with property owners as needed to ensure they are informed in advance of access interruptions, if needed. Access for emergency services will be maintained throughout construction.


Project schedule
January 26 – Approve Plans and Specifications / Authorize Ads for Bids
January 29, February 5 – Publish Ads for Bids
March 2 – Bid opening
March 9 – Accept Bids / Award Contract
Late May / early June – Begin construction
September 3rd, 2021 – Substantial completion (open to traffic)

Click here to view a figure showing the scope of this project. A link to the construction plans will be provided on this web page when plans are approved.


The engineer’s opinion of probable construction costs for the improvements proposed in the 90-percent plans is $900,000. Estimated project costs include an additional 23-percent to account for administrative, engineering, finance and legal fees, which totals $1,107,000. Property owners will not be assessed for any of the costs for these improvements.

A combination of Municipal State Aid (MSA) Funds, Water Utility Funds and Stormwater Funds will be used to fund construction of the proposed improvements.

The City Council has not yet approved the final project.