Franchise Fees

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial / Industrial

October 2020

Ramsey Residential Property Owners:

The City of Ramsey adopted ordinances #20-11, #20-12, and #20-13, implementing a franchise fee on gas and electric utility accounts. The City of Ramsey may impose a franchise fee on gas and electric utilities that provide service within city limits for those utilities that use the city-owned and maintained right-of-way for their infrastructure and distribution systems.

This means that effective October 2020, customers of Centerpoint Energy, Connexus Energy, and the City of Anoka Electric will begin to see a line item on their monthly utility bills that state "City of Ramsey Franchise Fee." Charges per month are as such:

  • Electric Utility

    • City of Anoka & Connexus Energy Residential Amount per Account per Month $7
  • Residential Gas Utility 

    • Centerpoint Energy Amount per Account per Month $7

The City implemented the franchise fee, and the revenue generated from the franchise fee will be used solely to fund road reconstruction and overlay projects, as outlined in the City's Pavement Management Program. Collecting this fee will eliminate the need to levy special assessments to benefit properties. It is anticipated that the fee will also eliminate the need to increase future property taxes for Pavement Management projects.

Those properties levied a special assessment for Pavement Management projects beginning in the year 2015 will be eligible for a "Rebate." The rebate will be the lesser of the special assessment paid for the respective year or the annual franchise fee amount. The City will annually notify eligible parties of the rebate program.

The city will work with utility accounts to resolve billing or incorrect charges. Please contact the city at 763-427-1410.