Trott Brook Crossing (Trott Brook North)


The City has approved, with contingencies, the application from Twin Cities Land Development, LLC dba Sotarra, formerly the Excelsior Group, ("the Applicant") for a 270-lot residential subdivision comprised of 80-foot wide lots, at .25 acres each. The site is approximately 200 acres and generally located south of 175th Avenue NW, east of Variolite Street NW and west of Nowthen Blvd NW.

The City previously denied a rezoning request for smaller lots on this property. The project was previously called Trott Brook North and was previously proposed by the Excelsior Group.

The project also includes a comprehensive plan amendment to allow for lower densities which information can be found about here: 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update | Ramsey, MN  

Site Location

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Important Dates

  • September 14, 2021: The draft EAW was approved for distribution by the City Council
  • October 28, 2021: Public Hearing and Planning Commission meeting (7 pm at City Hall).
    • The Planning Commission recommended approval of Trott Brook Crossing Preliminary Plat and Rezoning.
  • November 4, 2021: Public Informational Open House, 5:00 - 6:30 at City Hall in the Lake Itasca Room. You may also attend remotely via 
  • November 9, 2021: Public Hearing and City Council meeting 
    • Agenda available at on November 5, 2021. Plan sheets will be available as an attachment to this case, or are available for viewing at City Hall during regular business hours.
  • January 11, 2022: Public Hearing and City Council meeting (7 pm at City Hall). You may also attend remotely via 
    • Agenda available at
    • Approved preliminary plat with contingencies, and comprehensive plan amendment related to this project.

Project Items of Consideration

  • Comprehensive Plan and Rezoning: The southwestern most lot in the project area is currently zoned R-1 Rural Developing and guided for Rural Residential in the City's comprehensive plan. That specific property is just under 30 acres and is significantly encumbered by wetland. As part of this project, the Applicant has requested to rezone and re-guide this area to Low Density Residential and rezone it to R-1 MUSA 80, allowing for 7 lots to exist or encroach onto this property area.
  • Roads: 173rd will need to be upgraded to a full public road as part of this project. The Applicant is working with the Applicant to the north coordinating on this item. It is likely that there will be a cost-share agreement outlined as part of road project, which will be discussed with the Applicants and City Council at a future date. This road must be upgraded as part of this project, in order to properly serve the new residents.
  • Utilities: The City is working with Bolton and Menk on an Infrastructure Study for the general planning area of Trott Brook North, north of the Brook, and between Variolite St and Nowthen Blvd. The Infrastructure Study shows that in order to serve the areas guided for City Utilities (within the MUSA), they will largely need to come through this site from the South. This property will then serve adjacent properties, such as North Brook Meadows. The City can require utility connections when land subdivides at urban scales (e.g. quarter acre lots). The City cannot force a private property owner to connect to City utilities, even if they are put in the road in front of their home. This right is protected in the City Charter.
  • Parks: The Application includes dedication of park land and historic barn buildings in the northeast corner of the site. The City is excited at the opportunity to bring a larger public park to this area through the dedication of land and buildings, as well as the ability to protect the historic buildings and pay homage to the history of the property.

Additional Information

Informational Handout

Traffic Study/EAW of Trott Brook Crossing

Infrastructure Study of Trott Brook Crossing

Information on rezoning efforts in 2011 for the 2030 Comprehensive Plan here.

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