About Us

Our Mission

The Ramsey Fire Department will train and respond within our capabilities to minimize our citizen's losses. We will treat those needing our services with kindness and respect. Through education of ourselves, the public, our businesses, and neighbors, we will continuously strive for a safer community today and tomorrow.

Our department is comprised of 52 highly trained paid on-call firefighters that are state certified in both firefighting and first responder response. Administrative staff consists of a full time Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, and Secretary. Ramsey Fire covers 29 square miles of Ramsey as well as 36-square miles of Nowthen.


Since 2007, Ramsey and Nowthen provide fire services to both communities under a joint powers agreement. Under this agreement, quality services are provided with costs shared between the two communities. As a fire department, our main objective is to service the community. If you have any questions about the services provided or details of an incident, feel free to give us a call at 763-427-4452 or stop in at our administrative offices at Fire Station 1 on Armstrong Boulevard.

We are honored that the Ramsey Fire Department was nominated by the Firefighters for Healing organization for the 2020 Fire Department of the Year Award and was selected by the Minnesota State Fire Department Association Board as the winning nomination. Read more about this on our news page.

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