Blue, Green, or Turquoise Water

In almost all cases, water that appears with a blue or greenish tint is caused by brand new copper water lines in your home plumbing system. Water passing through the lines creates natural oxidation and turns the water blue. Eventually, the inside of the lines will be coated with minerals found naturally in the water and the oxidation will stop. If you have a water softener, which removes many of the minerals from the water, this natural process will take longer than usual. Some water softening companies can inject minerals into the water that will coat the inside of the lines faster than the natural process.

Water Softening

Water softeners use materials called ion exchange resins which are part of the water softening process. Sometimes when a softener is in need of maintenance, it can release this resin into the water and you will see tiny orange or gold "beads" or spheres in your water. If this occurs, have the softener serviced by a water softener company and have faucets flushed to clear the material.