The Draw

The City’s newest park, The Draw, is approximately seven acres and blends natural and planned open space for programmed activities, hardscape, and passive uses. 

It is located in the east-central area of the 420-acre COR Development, with residential uses along its north border and primarily mixed uses and community spaces along the south border.

The Draw amphitheater packed during a performance

Park Features

The park includes:

  • Amphitheater, with seating for 300
  • Memorial garden/promenade
  • Passive open spaces
  • Pedestrian links (trails, sidewalks and bridges)
  • Public art
  • Reconstructed wetland classroom for ecological education
  • Water feature that also serves as a stormwater element for the overall development

Additionally, there are three locations with scenic overlooks along the trails and the wetlands.

Water Conservation

This park will preserve green space for recreation and natural stormwater filtration and establishes a corridor connection for wildlife.

The park will capture surface runoff from a portion of the overall development as a means of water conservation and re-circulation to irrigate this park space and potentially be expanded to include additional public common areas in the future.

Park & Trail System Connection

A network of trails that link the COR to the regional parks and trail system connects the park. The Draw provides visual relief for COR residents and visitors alike, ensuring the livability and lasting vitality of the entire development.