In Ramsey, citywide snowplowing begins after snow accumulates to two inches or more. When snowfall continues for long periods, crews concentrate on plowing main collector routes and additional routes connecting neighborhoods to State and County roads. If strong winds and drifting cause unsafe conditions for snowplow drivers, plowing stops until conditions improve. Snowplow activity information can be obtained by calling our Snowplow Information Line at 763-433-9852.

Ramsey also plows sidewalks and trails. This activity starts when drivers have finished their assigned street routes. Full-scale sidewalk plowing is scheduled to begin the day after the snowstorm. Sidewalks and trails are plowed on normal business days but not on weekends or holidays.

Boulevard Damage

Sometimes property damage occurs when snowplows are operating. The City does not assume liability for damages to private improvements in the public right-of-way (ROW) (fences, vegetation, irrigation heads, landscaping, etc.) If possible, remove these obstacles from the ROW or mark them clearly to aid plow drivers. Mailboxes are repaired or replaced only if the plow makes direct contact (sometimes snow from the plow can dislodge the box from the post or bend a weak post). Please ensure your mailbox post is solid and securely fastened to the box.

If your mailbox or turf in the ROW is damaged, please report it to the Public Works Department at 763-427-8254. Turf damage is repaired each spring with black dirt, seed or sod depending on the location.

The City of Ramsey has implemented a policy to assist snowplow drivers in finding the edge of the pavement. Wooden lath is available to residents free of charge to help mark the edge of the pavement. Pay special attention when staking corners as they are difficult for snowplow drivers to judge.

Safety Note

Special note: For safety reasons, use only wooden laths to mark the edge of the pavement, and then only drive them into the ground about 6 inches because of utility lines. The lath will break off after a couple of plowing operations but will have served its purpose by helping to establish the curb line.

Please do not use metal fence posts. They present safety risks and will be removed by Public Works personnel.