Business Registration Certificates

The City of Ramsey requires that every business obtain a Business Registration Certificate / Business License (BRC) annually in order to operate in the City.

About the BRC

The BRC was established to collect important information about current occupancy (and occupancy changes within buildings), update and review records regarding emergency contact lists, fire preplan, inspection, and hazardous materials.  Information obtained on the application will not be available to the general public and will only be viewed by the Police, Fire, and the Community Development Departments. This license is in addition to any other license you must apply for to legally operate in the city.

New Applications

The BRC application (PDF) must be received 30 days prior to your intended occupancy in the city. Upon receipt of the application and required fee, City staff will review the application and determine if the business is in compliance with City and the Minnesota State Building and Fire Codes. Upon receipt of your approved BRC, you will then be able to occupy your space and operate your business. The BRC must be displayed in a location that can be viewed by the public.


Renewals will automatically be mailed to the business in January each year.