Ramsey Mayor Strommen Presents Annual State of the City Address on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Annually, the Mayor of Ramsey provides a State of the City presentation to Ramsey residents, property owners, and businesses during a regular City Council Meeting.  The purpose of this presentation is to provide a review of City operations, updates, and achievements from the past year, as well as a look ahead at what is to come in the new year.

This year’s State of the City Address was held on Tuesday, January 23, at Mayor Strommen7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Ramsey City Hall.  “In my 2017 address, I noted that the opportunity to shape Ramsey’s future had never been greater.  This year, I believe Ramsey is ready for that future,” Mayor Strommen’s speech began.  She continued on to share highlights and accomplishments from the year, centered on the City’s four main strategic initiatives; maintaining financial stability, a connected community, smart-citizen focused government, and an effective organization.

In addition, three special presentations accompanied the Mayor’s Address that evening, including recognition of the Ramsey Fire Department and their newest recruit firefighters who successfully completed their probation and training period, recognition of the lifesaving Ramsey Heart Safe Program, and an update on the City’s partnership with the University of Minnesota’s Resilient Communities Project.  “These presentations will highlight how Ramsey as a community is ready for what comes our way, ready to provide important services to Ramsey residents in better and innovative ways, and even expand on those services,” the Mayor stated. 

Mayor Strommen’s complete 2018 State of the City Address is included in the recent Press Release. For more information on Ramsey’s 2018 State of the City Address, please contact Kurt Ulrich, City Administrator at 763-433-9845, kulrich@cityoframsey.com.