Big Adventure Daycare (West Armstrong Retail)


 The West Armstrong Retail center, located West of Armstrong Boulevard and East of Ferret Street, has been redeveloped with the vision of becoming a primary retail corridor for the community. In the Summer of 2020, this 15,000 square foot multi-tenant retail building located on the southwest intersection of Armstrong Boulevard and 147th Avenue was approved. The City of Ramsey's future land use vision contemplates this entire area redeveloping; the areas east of Ferret Street are envisioned as redeveloping as a retail corridor for the community and the areas west of Ferret Street as another business park similar to the Bunker Lake Industrial Park. Proposed businesses within the West Armstrong Retail corridor must meet the allowed uses in this zoning district; The COR Commercial Subdistrict.

Big Adventure Daycare is an educational facility that recently opened in October 2021 at the West Armstrong Retail center. Big Adventure Daycare is a early education center for children 6 weeks to 12 years old. The City of Ramsey approved a building permit for Big Adventures Daycare in July 2021 to begin operation from the site. This was an administrative approval not requiring Council action. 

Site Location

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Additional Information

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