RTC 9th Addition Pond Lining Improvements IP 19-06

Update December 20, 2019

Two un-lined stormwater ponds were constructed as part of the Ramsey Town Center (RTC) 9th Addition private residential development, allowing infiltration of stormwater runoff into the underlying soils.  The original developer never completed RTC 9th Addition and, CentraHomes is now completing construction.
Based on current stormwater management and wellhead protection standards, infiltration of stormwater is prohibited in Wellhead Protection Areas, which encompasses all of RTC 9th Addition, including the two stormwater ponds. The City is therefore installing geosynthetic clay liners within both ponds to prevent infiltration and protect the source aquifer for the City’s municipal water supply system. Construction of the pond liners was completed in 2019, with turf restoration being completed in 2020.

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